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At Badger Web Hosting we take spamming seriously. In a continuous effort to keep our email servers free from spam, we are constantly updating our BlackList with IPs of known spammers. Along with IPs we also have instituted capturing their domain names when possible and adding them to our spam filtering as block sites.

Internally, we have an abuse feature that will report anyone trying to send spam from our servers. A website hosted on our servers found to be creating spam will be automatically shut down and the owner notified.

In an effort to curb email abuse on our servers, we have placed a denial of service into effect for those exceeding 50 emails in a ten minute interval. The email client will not have access to email for 15 minutes any time they exceed this quota. We have had some instances of email etiquette not being followed and have turned on this feature to prevent spamming and black listing of our servers.

We have eliminated "Catch All" accounts as spammers have instituted a new feature in which they will send to multiple users at a specific domain. If the user doesn't exist it will go to a catch all account and report back to the spammer success in delivery. Even after an attack and correction by other hosting companies it has been reported that these attacks continue once started and slow down the performance of their servers. We at Badger Web Hosting listen to our peers and elected to be proactive instead of reactive.

First offense will be removal of the suspected email account and notification to the owner that his/her website is being used to traffic spam. The owner will be given a chance to redeem him or herself in the fact that they may not have knowledge that someone is using their email for spamming.

Second offense will be total removal of their email privledges. They will have to pay a stiff fine to be reinstated.

Third offense will be the termination of their account.

Please read our Acceptable Use Policy and UCE for more information.

It is important to keep our servers safe because large amounts of spam can cause a slow down in the performance of our servers, and a spam attack could cause a total shutdown of the servers. We appreciate our clients assistance in keeping our servers free from these types of spamming.

~ Badger Web Hosting

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